Hydrogen is a popular substance in chemistry.

If you love chemistry, you probably are wondering, what kind of matter hydrogen is, right?

Is hydrogen an element, compound, or mixture?

Hydrogen (H) is an element with an atomic number 1. Hydrogen only consists of its own type of atom, without any addition of other elements. It’s a standalone simple element that cannot be split into other elements. Thus, hydrogen is neither a compound nor a mixture.

Being a popular gas in science, hydrogen might be misunderstood as compound.

But that is not true. Hydrogen is an element.

Now, if you’re interested to know more about why hydrogen is an element as opposed to a compound or mixture, read this post till the end!

What Is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is very light gas.

Hydrogen has no color, but it has a pungent odor. It smells like a rotten egg.

It doesn’t naturally available as a standalone element on earth. Usually it’s found in hydrocarbons.

Hydrogen is a flammable gas. It can be dangerous when handled not properly.

Is Hydrogen An Element or Compound?

Hydrogen is an element with symbol H and an atomic number of 1. It’s an element, not a compound since it only consists of single type of atoms and it cannot be broken down into other elements.

An element is a simple substance that is only made up of one single type of atom. It might contain million atoms but they’re all the same kind of atom.

There are 118 of elements in the periodic table, each of them has unique atomic number.

Hydrogen has the atomic number of 1. It only has 1 proton.

Hydrogen is a gas and it’s the lightest element in the periodic table.

Hydrogen is not a compound.

A compound is a substance that is made up of two or more elements that combine chemically in a definite ratio of composition. It needs more than 1 elements to form a compound.

Hydrogen is not a compound since it only consists of its own atom. Hydrogen is a standalone element, not a compound.

Why Is Hydrogen Not A Mixture?

Hydrogen is not a mixture because it’s made up of only 1 type of atom while mixture needs more than 1 elements to form.

In science, a mixture is a matter that is made of two or more elements or compounds that combine without a definite ratio of composition and usually they bond physically, not chemically.

More than 1 element is needed to form a mixture.

Hydrogen is only an element. It cannot be split into different elements.

Thus, hydrogen is not a mixture.

Some examples of mixtures are sterling silver, stainless steel, air, and saltwater.

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